Message from our Rector

Message from our President Prof. Erol PARLAK

It is clear that the most fundamental truth of our circular life on the globe, which seems to be repeating in its essence, is change. The combination of the concept of change and social cohesion is utterly important as an indicator of the change reflex of societies. In this context, sociocultural values ​​come at the top of all the elements that keep humanity together, and it is observed that societies giving importance to this fact carry themselves forward by understanding the change in the right direction. This approach, which emerges as the understanding of the knowledge of culture and civilization based on the inhabited geography on the one hand, and emerges as grasping the universal knowledge on the other hand and can be defined “from local to universal”, should be the core element of change according to us. This means knowing itself in the most basic sense, understanding its own cultural background and human potential, keeping up with the change from here and ultimately “creating its own change”.

The value and the driving force of art is clear in contemporary change, development and progress. The words of the founder of our republic, Mustafa Kemal ATATURK, “the measure in a new change of a nation is to be able to take the change in music and grasp it”, is a priceless guide in this direction. In this context, the process of change in the field of culture and art during a couple of centuries in which we have experienced positive and negative consequences now and then is a lot worth talking about. This process has given us the knowledge and experience of what to do and how to do it as a country and even how not to do it.

Today, in the light of these information and experiences, we need to look toward the future and shape our future more accurately. What suits our country is to be the actor, director and the lead actor of the culture and art adventure of our journey through our own cultural memory. Otherwise, the situation will continue to turn into metamorphosis over and over again based on our experiences.

Education and teaching are the prior instruments that guide the change and development of societies and provide step-by-step shaping. Diversified needs and studies in the 21st century now require separate specialization for each discipline and branch. In this context, the increasing trend in the world in recent years is towards the establishment of thematic universities. The thematic university model, which includes a specialized university phenomenon that focuses on a specific area and aims to be the best in its field, is becoming more and more common in the world. The number of such institutions, which have many examples in many parts of the world, is still low in our country and there is none in the field of music. In our country, institutions providing music education within the faculty of “fine arts faculty, faculty of education, conservatory, and vocational school” are in a state of contradictions because of the conflict ground which has taken its source from the discussions and approaches of the last few centuries. This negative attitude that goes on around the concepts of orientalism-occidentalism, contemporary-old-fashioned, progressive-reactionary, etc. is far from meeting the national-international goals of our country in the 21st century and this situation has made it necessary to establish a world-class thematic music university that will embrace and integrate the rich potential and cultural diversity of our country. According to us, what should be done is to abandon this unity of conflict, the ground of contradictions and prejudices that we have fallen into for hundreds of years, and to unite in a sincere manner in the best way to evaluate the potential of our country, thus taking our culture-art to create a strong understanding worthy of the spirit of the age. In other words, the day is a day of sincerity, unity, a realistic, brand new way in accordance with the spirit of the age and the level of development.

It is of high importance to understand the cultural ecosystem, rich accumulation, human potential of our country which is located in the richest cultural geography of the world and to depart from the ancient art traditions whose roots have been existing for thousands of years. In as much as, it is clear that it is not possible to speak of a realistic progress and a strong representation in the world. In spite of the chaotic structure of our age and the developments in this direction, our thousands of years of brotherhood, the culture of love, respect, tolerance and peace which will address the potential of our country in a holistic and integrative manner will be the basic paradigm and organization manifesto in the establishment of our university. This formation is very important both for our country to reach its own reality and to integrate with its spiritual universe by keeping its own self and its values ​​tightly and by presenting its culture and art according to the norms of the age. It is clear that an institution with a perspective and spirit to remind to teach ourselves first, and then to the world, will be the locomotive of many developments and progress to represent successfully in the international arena by adding value to our country.

Ankara Music and Fine Arts University should be an institution that takes its soul from Anatolia, but which considers the universality of the world with a broad civilization horizon and evaluates all the possibilities of our country as a positive potential. Such a productive, dynamic institution encouraging R & D and innovation, creative ideas, leading change with its pioneering structure, raising expert science-art people, having a strong and identified representation, that will make a difference in its field will be an important step in terms of the presence and strong representation of our national and international relationships, and culture and art, which will make significant contributions to our country.

Our university should be moving towards becoming an institution capable of interpreting the relationship between art and culture, cultural identity and society in the rightest way and affecting Turkey's understanding of culture-art and politics. This situation will also be one of the effective ways to consolidate our feelings of unity, togetherness, brotherhood, and social peace in our country where different beliefs and cultures are intertwined together with the pluralist and unifying structure of art.

In the light of these approaches, Ankara Music and Fine Arts University's mission is to contribute to the advancement of artistic, educational, scientific and philosophical accumulation, the representation of our country and the development of public opinion on national, regional and global scale in line with the principles of creativity, productivity and entrepreneurship; to become a pioneer, preferred, respected university at the national and international level; to produce science-art in the light of universal science and modern education-teaching principles, and to provide students with professional knowledge, skills and equipment in world standards; to educate people of art, science, education and thought with intellectual, competitive, universal and social value judgments and professional ethics; and to serve humanity through scientific-artistic projects and publications.

We would like to sincerely thank to the President of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN for their valuable aegis from the establishment till today and since the day they adopted and brought up our university notion that we mentioned at “Presidential Culture and Arts Grand” in December 2016, and to the Council of Higher Education in the eye of the President of the Council of Higher Education, Prof. Dr. M. A. Yekta SARAÇ who stepped forward for making our proposal to become real by supporting, and to the Presidential Spokesperson Assoc. Prof. Dr. İbrahim KALIN for his valuable contributions to us.


With the wish of Ankara Music and Fine Arts University to produce valuable services to our country and humanity ...


Yours truly...