I. International
Symposium on Minstrelsy Tradition
in Science, Art and Society

“Âşık Veysel”

21-23 March 2024

I. International
Symposium on Minstrelsy Tradition in Science, Art and Society
"Âşık Veysel"


Although the symposium has chosen “Aşık Veysel in Academia, Art and Society” as its main theme, it aims to gather various studies from the fields of fine arts, social sciences and social services. In order to give an idea, the topics we have given under three headings can be taken into consideration:

Âşık Veysel Researches

o Literature

o Date

o Theater

o Philosophy

o Musicology

o Folklore

o Performance research

o The art of minstrelsy

o Composition

o Performing arts

o Media studies

o Literature discussions


New Directions in Studies on Minstrelsy Tradition

o Traditions of minstrelsy today

o New transmission mediums of minstrelsy

o Comparative research on minstrelsy tradition

o Sustainable cultural heritage

o Oral culture

o The art of minstrelsy as a cultural raw material

o Media studies

o New cultural approaches

o Critical musicology studies


Society, Art and Disability

o Artists and social representation of disability

o Disability approaches and art

o Art education

o Social inclusion and art

o Artist rights

o Positive discrimination in arts education

Symposium Theme:

Âşık Veysel


Sub Themes:

1. Âşık Veysel and Minstrelsy Tradition

2. Âşık Veysel and Cultural Heritage

3. Âşık Veysel and Oral Culture

4. Âşık Veysel and Sivas Aşıklık Tradition

5. Âşık Veysel and Master Made Folk Songs

6. Âşık Veysel and Aşık Havaları

7. Musical Analysis of Âşık Veysel Folk Songs





8. Âşık Veysel and Ashiq Literature

9. Âşık Veysel and the 1st Folk Poets Festival

10. Âşık Veysel and Village Institutes

11. Âşık Veysel and Reproduction

12. Âşık Veysel and Atatürk

13. Âşık Veysel and Media

14. Âşık Veysel and Language

15. Âşık Veysel and Literature

16. Âşık Veysel and Culture

17. Âşık Veysel and Sufism

18. Âşık Veysel and Human

19. Âşık Veysel and Environment

20. Âşık Veysel and World Perception

21. Âşık Veysel and Values Education

22. Love in Âşık Veysel Poems

23. Âşık Veysel and Ash Sazı

24. Âşık Veysel and Archive Studies

Printed Publications

Visual Publications

Audio Broadcasts

25. The Position of Âşık Veysel in Today’s Turkey

26. The concepts of dialect style and attitude in minstrel music

27. Minstrel Music and Master Apprenticeship Tradition

28. Minstrel Music and Compilation

29. Mythology and Legend in Minstrel Music

30. Musical Analysis of Minstrel Airs/Makams

31. Types of Minstrelsy Tradition

32. Rituals in minstrelsy tradition

33. Minstrelsy Tradition and Postmodernist Approaches