Launch of Access to the European Commission's Nanobiotechnology Laboratory

We are glad to announce the launch of a call to access the Nanobiotechnology Laboratory at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission in Ispra.

The JRC facilitates the access to the Nanobiotechnology Laboratory by waiving the access costs and in particular by providing travel and subsistence to users visiting the JRC from institutions from countries eligible for the Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation Action.

We would appreciate if you could help us in disseminating this call as widely as possible to universities, research organisations and SMEs.

Open Access to JRC Nanobiotechnology Laboratory

The Nanobiotechnology Laboratory features state-of-the-art equipped facilities designed to foster interdisciplinary studies. A special emphasis lies on characterisation of nanomaterials, micro(nano)plastics, nanomedicines, advanced materials and their interactions with biological systems, as well as on the detection, identification and characterisation of nanomaterials in food and consumer products.

Priority topics of the call:

 Nanomaterial characterisation including their interactions with biological systems (culture media, proteins, etc.)

 Detection of nanomaterials and nano(micro)plastics in complex matrices

 Surface chemical analysis of macro and nanomaterials. Surface modification and nano-fabrication

 Biomolecular interaction studies, characterisation of antibodies and antigens, bio-interfaces characterisation

 Advanced material characterisation for non-bio-applications (energy, transport, circular economy, environment etc.).

The JRC facilitates access to the Nanobiotechnology laboratory in the relevance-driven mode:

 Payment of additional costs are waived, excluding consumables and expenses

 Support to travel and subsistence of Users: for Users from User Institutions located in countries eligible for the Widening actions under the Horizon 2020 the JRC can support travel and subsistence costs.

You will find all relevant information here:


JRC Nanobiotechnlology Laboratory: video and 360° Virtual Tour

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